Direct Primary Care is simple and affordable!

TRU-HealthGroup is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare experience. With our unique products and innovative solutions, we aim to break down barriers to primary care and to make healthcare more accessible for everyone. Our direct primary care (DPC) prioritizes your health and wellness. From unlimited primary, chronic, and urgent care services to nationwide coverage, you have support in your healthcare journey. Experience the TRU difference and add a DPC today!

DPC – Personal and Affordable Care

With our Direct Primary Care membership, we simplify your primary care journey by providing an integrated, nationwide service that costs 40% less than traditional DPC practices. As healthcare expenses continue to rise, employers face higher premiums, and employees face higher out-of-pocket costs. It’s time to take control and contain healthcare expenses. We help to redefine employee healthcare by seamlessly managing primary, chronic, and urgent care needs through a DPC membership.

Accessibility and Affordability in one solution

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is revolutionizing healthcare accessibility nationwide. This innovative approach is being embraced by organizations of all sizes and structures, ensuring that patients have seamless access to primary care services. With DPC, the days of enduring long wait times and rushed physician visits are gone. Instead, DPC prioritizes the patient experience, driving down healthcare expenses for both employers and employees while emphasizing accessibility. Experience the future of healthcare with DPC.

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